• What is Consignment?

    The main difference between a consignment store and your local thrift store is that our inventory is not donated to us. Instead, it is consigned. By this we mean that every item in our store belongs to someone else. We have a contract that states that to the best of our ability we are going to price, display and sell your gently used items. As a consignment store, we strive to create that “real store” feel: cleanliness, organization, color coordination, and selection.

    We never know what’s coming in, so our inventory is always changing. This means better selection for you and a higher turnover of clothing. To date, we average an 85% turnover on our inventory in the first 35 days.


    •  Do you offer cash options upfront for designer items?

    Yes! Designer items are one of our most desired pieces that come into our stores and as such, we guarantee you will make more money selling your cherished designer pieces than any other competitor stores.

    The important thing to remember when selling your designer pieces is that the more you have like original literature the more your make. Original receipts, dust covers and boxes all add to the resale value of your gently used designer pieces. You make more selling designer pieces through us if you choose to consign:

    If we sell your item for more than $49 you will receive 50% of the selling price
    If we sell your item for more than $500 you will receive 60% of the selling price
    If we sell your item for more than $999 you will receive 70% of the selling price
    If you’d prefer to just be paid upfront for your items we also offer those services. We will pay you cash on the spot for: Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, and many more.


    • For an appointment, during the COVID-19 pandemic please see below:

    We are excited to be entering into Phase 1 of eventually re-opening both BBPD physical stores! While the world waits to see how it will all play out we as a company have decided that we do not find it in the best interest of our employees and customers to open this week. We will keep you updated as this progresses because our ultimate concern is the safety for all involved.

    Starting Monday we are going to start accepting contact-less drop offs since we know thanks to all of the emails and phone calls that with all the extra time you have been cleaning like crazy. We are VERY actively selling on our website, ebay, facebook and LIVE sales. Due to a captive audience things are FLYING and we are shipping over 80 packages a day.

    We are still operating on a limited staff so your help will be needed in being selective and following the drop off rules to help us have a smooth process.

    Read below for how it will work.

    How to Drop off for our NEW Contact-less Program:

    1) Gather your gently used ladies & kids clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry and perfume -Since our online is so active we are accepting all seasons -

    "we are selling bikinis and boots seriously it has been amazing"

    2) Make sure to look at each item and ask yourself "would you buy it" "was it purchased in the last 3 years" "on a scale of 1-10 could i rate it an 8 or better?"

    3) Fold your items or gently place them into shopping bags or boxes (PAPER PRODUCTS IS OUR GOAL) and write your name & phone number on the outside of each bag. Also write the word DONATE or PICK UP if you want to retrieve any items that we do not accept within 2 days of processing them

    4)Bring the items in the bags to our store porch (front door) place them there and knock - once you have gotten back into your car someone will pull them inside to sit for 24 hours to decontaminate

    5) If you do not have an account knock and notify us you are NEW and they will put a contract outside for you to sign (bring your own pen please and take the yellow copy and leave the white one in your bag)

    6) Drive away and let us do the magic - we are working hard to still provide you with a fabulous avenue of selling your gently used items and giving our clients lots of selection

    7) We are not currently mailing out consignor checks but offering check pick up for those who are dropping off so we can avoid mail fraud so please ask if you'd like a check when you are there - we would be happy to print you one

    8)If you are sick or have been exposed to anyone who has been sick please wait till a later date to consign with us



    Monday & Thursday ONLY



    Monday - Friday


    no matter which store you have an account with you can drop off at either location as many times as you like.

    •  Why do you not negotiate or barter?

    We spend a lot of time researching the market and our clients' needs. This includes styles, prices and current trends. With this knowledge, we price our items at anywhere from 50% to 90% off the original price. We work hard to price it right the first time, no color tags and we are proud to say that over 85% of it sells within the first 35 days. 

    • What sizes and departments do you specialize in?

    We have numerous racks and sizes in each department to give you a large selection to choose from when you come to shop with us.

    With that being said, the sizes we accept are as follows:

    Juniors (0-13) Ladies (2-14) Plus (16-28) Formals & PROM (all sizes)



    • Do you only accept designer items?

    We take in low, mid and high-end designer items. From Gap to Gucci and in between!



    • What do you need? What sells the fastest?

    We need everything- this is what makes consignment fun. Hands down the fastest sellers that we can NEVER have too much of our accessories: Shoes, Jewelry & Purses!



    • How can I consign if I live out of state?

    We will send you a contract, set you up with an account and wait for you to ship your items. It’s worth the shipping we promise!


    • Why can I not pick up my unsold items at the end of the consignment period?

    Any item that we price at $50 or more, if in the case that it doesn’t sell you are more than welcome to pick it up. But due to high volume we do not offer pick ups on your unsold items priced under $50.

    Any item that does not sell will be donated to charity and you will receive a tax donation slip. We have found this method to be easier for everyone involved and not a problem since most items sell within the 60 day period. Should an item sell outside of the 60 day mark we will still credit your account.
    Charities we donate too:

    FODAC (Friends of Disabled Adults)
    Second Life Rescue
    MUST Ministries
    Fighting For Dawn
    Atlanta Beagle Rescue
    • Do you handle estates for loved ones who have passed? How does it work?

    We offer a couple of different options for estates: cash or consignment and would be happy to set up an appointment to look over your items.

    Furniture is a popular seller at auctions and estate sales but clothing and accessories are a much harder sell, this is were we come in. We make it simple and fast. 

    If you would like to set up an appointment to do this please email us at and in the title write ESTATE. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you in this time of grief.



    • Do you offer home pick up service?

    YES! With so much going on in our lives nowadays, we understand your time is precious and sometimes we need an extra hand. We offer home pick up services for clients who:

    * Have a loved one who has passed away and needs a gentle hand to handle it

    * Have at least 100 + pieces they need to consign or sell

    * Have at least 50 + designer pieces they need to consign or sell

    Simply send an email to with “home visit” in the title and we will discuss your home visit specifics.

    We look forward to helping you clean out, clean up and sell your gently used items.