We have suspended accepting Prom dresses & will let you know if and when we resume!
we will be opening our women’s evening and long gown section in late October in our Lilburn location for those attending some fabulous parties 😍

We buy and sell gently used prom and formal dresses at our Lilburn location and offer a huge selection of prom & formal wear!

We also buy and sell overstock & discontinued dresses from retailers….offering brand new dresses at deep discounts!

Things to keep in mind when you are selling your prom or formal dress:

  • Most of the dresses in our inventory have been worn less than 3 hours or never worn
  • Every season the styles are dictated early by what is coming down the runway so even though we are consignment we buy based on trends
  • When we sell your dress we will price it at 40-80% off of retail 
  • If you consign it you will get 50% of the selling price
  • If you prefer to sell it outright you will get an upfront offer typically around $30-$90 upfront
  • Bridesmaids dresses and ANY dress you ordered online from one of those “off brand” cheaper places we wont accept
  • On a scale of 1-10 your dress needs to be an 8.5-10 meaning no missing beads, no stains (deodorant, make up or bronzer) no tears, or dresses altered shorter than a 5’4 height
  • Brand sells the dress! Best selling brands like Sherri Hill, Jovani, MacDuggal, Rachel Allen and Tony Bowls sell the best. While we do take select dresses from stores like Dillards we price them low and they only resell if they are super cute!

Remember Prom is a precious time and the memories will last forever. But it also it the #1 hardest thing to resell since you have purchased a particular dress that fits your style, personality and height. So to resell it – we have to find a young lady who wants all the same specifications of your beautiful dress. And she won’t have the memories attached to it yet so the price will be important! Plus we price off of retail sticker price NOT what you paid for it with alterations, cleaning and tax! Happy selling!


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